My need to describe the feeling of abandonment, as I experienced it at a young age led me to create my first photographic project. I was born in (Sarande), Albania to parents of the Greek ethnic minority. Until I was seven, I grew up there for quite some time without my mother, who for long periods of time was in Greece for work. The time I lived there, I filled my time playing in the abandoned houses of those who had died or left for Greece. My childhood imagination gave these places almost human nature. I felt that they were left alone, like me, and so somehow, I identified with them. I felt guilty when I had to leave them too, following my mother to Greece. Since then, unconsciously - and lastly more consciously - I observe any abandoned space when I meet him. Houses and public buildings that are no longer used are left to the ravages of time. Engraved with the marks of their previous life or their current vandalism, they always move me as I continue to attribute this human condition to them, as I did as a child. I photograph them, because only in this way can I protect them from ultimate oblivion.